Research Article

Whole Genome Resequencing of Jordanian Awassi Rams (Ovis aries) Using Hiseq Sequencing Technology: The First Step Towards Sheep Genomic Selection


We report the whole ram genome of Jordanian Awassi (Ovis aries), screened using the power of Illumina HiSeq sequencing technology, providing insights into the ram's genomic structure. Generated data will help in the assessment of naturally occurring genetic variation and population structure of this sheep breed using different structure variation markers. Also, it will help in the established marker-trait associations that can be used in marker-assisted breeding for qualitative and quantitative productive traits. A total of 23,812,247 single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) were identified, of which 177,117 (0.74%) were in the coding regions, as well as 3.77 million insertions/deletions and 3357 frame-shifting mutations in the coding region. The re-sequencing revealed 38,900 structure variation types distributed along genome, including 45 insertions and 16,643 deletions types. Also, there were 13,689 copy number variations, of which 3743 were up-regulated, and 9946 were down-regulated. These results will help in describing SNPs and the distribution of structural variations types used in genetic mapping and breeding programs of sheep breeds.