XXIII International Congress of Genetics


In recent times, our opportunities to meet face to face have been restricted, but now is the time to bring together the best geneticists in the world to share their expertise and knowledge at this truly global forum.  

Over the six days, the Congress will offer a series of plenary sessions, symposia, workshops and poster presentations. The theme: Genetics and Genomics - Linking Life and Society highlights the breadth of the Congress in covering fundamental discoveries in our science and applications to health, agriculture and the environment.  The biggest prize in Genetics, the Gruber Prize, will be presented at the Congress.  We will also mark 50 years of gene manipulation, starting with the recombinant DNA revolution and culminating with in vivo gene editing.


An outstanding range of presenters from across the globe will lead the discussions. Visit here for more information about the program and invited presenters. Be sure to register your interest in the Congress to receive regular updates on presenters joining the program.


You will have the chance to connect with colleagues from across the world exchanging ideas and research and building valuable professional networks that will extend beyond the Congress itself. To complement the scientific program, you will also be able to experience a showcase of the latest products and services in the exhibition, an integral element of the Congress. 

Given the significance of the event, there will also be a program of public events held throughout to connect with the wider community in Melbourne. 


Throughout the Congress, you will also have the chance to experience Melbourne at its finest. It is a truly global city with a rich multicultural mix celebrating the creativity and diversity of its people and the city.    And for those unable to travel to Australia to experience the Congress face to face, a virtual offering will be available showcasing some key elements of the Congress program.


Sunday, 16 July, 2023 to Friday, 21 July, 2023
Melbourne Australia