The Original Genetics and Molecular Research by FUNPEC-RP


Dear Researcher:

Our journal has gone through some problems these last two years that led us to transfer its administration to a company in England called Pulsus. Unfortunately, this company has not been ethical in its treatment of publications, authors and the editorial staff. They failed in the obligations that were contracted and continued to use our names as editors and editorial staff without our permission. Faced with this situation and to preserve the reputation of the journal that we founded in 2002, we had no other choice but to return control to our staff in Ribeirão Preto at our previous address and the journal will be published again by our team here in Brazil, at FUNPEC, a nonprofit scientific research foundation. Fortunately, we were able to recover our domain

So we warn colleagues not to send their articles to any other address advertised by the English group and not to pay them any amount for publication. Submission of articles to GMR is carried out directly on our website at

Also, we warn that there may be a pirate site; look for our real address, and do not communicate with any other site.

Keep submitting your work on our website. If you have any questions, please contact us at +55 16 3620-1251 or by email at [email protected].