Isolation and identification of bovine primary hepatocytes

Q. D. Jiang, Li, H. P., Liu, F. J., Wang, X. J., Guo, Y. J., Wang, L. F., Lu, W. F., Li, H. J., Li, X. P., and Yang, G. Y., Isolation and identification of bovine primary hepatocytes, vol. 12, pp. 5186-5194, 2013.

The liver is a unique organ that is endowed with a plethora of specialized functions. Most of its functional traits are controlled by hepatocytes. Primary hepatocytes have been used widely in in vitro models to understand the biological processes occurring in the liver. There are a number of methods used to separate hepatocytes, but the cell activity and purity are much lower in this condition. On the basis of previous research, in this study, the two-step collagenase perfusion technique was used for isolating hepatocytes.

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