Genechip microarray

Interaction of six candidate genes in essential hypertension

D. C. Hu, Zhao, X. L., Shao, J. C., Wang, W., Qian, J., Chen, A. H., Zhang, H. Q., Guo, H., Jiang, J., and Li, H. Y., Interaction of six candidate genes in essential hypertension, vol. 13, pp. 8385-8395, 2014.

We explored the interaction of 6 candidate genetic mutations in essential hypertension (EH). The mutations AGT M235T, ACE I/D, eNOS Glu298Asp, ET-2 A985G, ANP T2238C, and NPRC A-55C were detected using a genechip microarray in 100 patients with EH and 97 controls from the Han population living in the Yunnan Province of China. Risks of EH were evaluated with respect to a combination of these genotypes. Interactions were analyzed using multifactor dimensionality reduction (MDR). P values were corrected using Bonferroni’s adjustment.

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