Glucose transporters

Cloning and functional analysis of goat SWEET1

L. Q. Zhu, Bao, Z. K., Hu, W. W., Lin, J., Yang, Q., and Yu, Q. H., Cloning and functional analysis of goat SWEET1, vol. 14, pp. 17124-17133, 2015.

SWEETs are a recently discovered class of sugar transporters that mediate glucose uptake in the intestine and mammary glands. Our objectives were to clone goat SWEET1 and conduct a functional analysis of its effect on glucose efflux in goat mammary gland epithelial cells. We cloned and sequenced the goat SWEET1 gene from goat mammary glands, then conducted an analysis of the structure of goat SWEET1, including a prediction of the transmembrane helices and potential N-glycosylation sites.

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