Mature domain region

Sequence variation and molecular evolution of BMP4 genes

D. J. Zhang, Wu, J. H., Husile, G., Sun, H. L., and Zhang, W. G., Sequence variation and molecular evolution of BMP4 genes, vol. 13, pp. 9196-9201, 2014.

Bone morphogenetic protein 4 (BMP4) regulates skeletogenesis, osteoblastic differentiation, and the induction of hair follicles. Its protein-coding region contains a signal peptide, prodomain (which regulates post-translational synthesis), and a mature domain (which mediates gene function). Previous studies considered this gene to be conserved. By reanalyzing the coding region of BMP4 in 16 mammalian species, we found that the mature domain is conserved in mammals. A comparison of the putative amino acid sequence demonstrates that BMP4 is relatively conserved.

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