Molecular method

Molecular characterization of bromeliads from northeast Brazil

S. D. Vieira, Rabbani, A. R. C., Santos, F., Silva-Mann, R., Arrigoni-Blank, M. F., Prata, A. P. N., Resende, L. V., Pasqual, M., and Blank, A. F., Molecular characterization of bromeliads from northeast Brazil, vol. 13, pp. 9851-9860, 2014.

Bromeliaceae is an important botany family that includes many species with economic value; demand for members of this family is increasing. However, illegal collection frequently occurs, drastically reducing the species populations; thus, it is necessary to collect and store Bromeliaceae genetic material. In this study, we identified and quantified genetic variability of the Bromeliad family using dominant markers to create the first Germplasm Bank in the northeast region of Brazil. Molecular tools were used to characterize the collected accessions.

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