Sexual hybrids

Microsporogenesis in sexual Brachiaria hybrids (Poaceae)

V. A. Fuzinatto, Pagliarini, M. S., and Valle, C. B., Microsporogenesis in sexual Brachiaria hybrids (Poaceae), vol. 6, pp. 1107-1117, 2007.

Three sexual interspecific hybrids of Brachiaria (HBGC076, HBGC009, and HBGC014) resulting from crosses between B. ruziziensis (female genitor) and B. decumbens and B. brizantha (male genitors) produced by Embrapa Beef Cattle in the 1980s were cytologically analyzed by conventional methods for meiotic studies. The cytogenetic analysis showed the occurrence of common meiotic abnormalities among them. The most frequent abnormalities were those related to irregular chromosome segregation due to polyploidy.

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