While the traditional publication model relies on restricting access to published research to recoup the costs of the publication process, the open access publishing model treats publication as the last phase of the research process. Instead of charging users a fee to read the content, an article-processing fee is required at the beginning of the process. This charge covers the entire cost of the publication process. This includes peer-reviewing, editing, publishing, maintaining, and archiving, and allows immediate access to the full text versions of the research articles.


To provide Open Access, GMR uses a model to offset expenses—including those of peer review management, journal production, and online hosting and archiving—by article-processing fee to the authors, institutions, or funders for each article published. The article-processing fee applied by GMR consists of: Submission Fee + Publication Fee. Fees are per article and may be paid separately or at once. There are no additional charges based on color, length, figures, or other elements.

Publication fee:

GMR charges a fee at the moment of submission to help finance the editorial process and peer review.

Submission Fee:

The submission fee is 250$ which is equal to all the countries

Publication Fee:

The publication fee is 200$ for the Brazilian authors and 1100$ for the other countries. 

The given US dollar amount reflects the approximate current foreign exchange rate, and is subject to change according to the country. This fee covers part of the expenses for final language and technical revision, page setup, and online publishing. If paying both fees at once (US$ 1350.00) payment must be made at the time of submission. After payment is received by our office, the manuscript will be further processed for publication, subject to final approval by our Editorial Board. Author should contact to editorial office [[email protected]] to know about the bank details for Submission and Publication fee.

GMR charges publication fees for all articles accepted by the Editorial Board. This fee helps to finance journal production, online hosting, and archiving.

1. When is payment due?

a) The submission fee should be paid at the moment of submission. The corresponding author should send a copy of the deposit slip (must have readable remitter´s name in English) along with submission date.

b) Publication fee: the designated corresponding author will be informed by e-mail that the manuscript is accepted along with payment request.

2. Do the fees have to be paid separately?

GMR understands that the payment process can be difficult and demands author´s time to be done. There is an option to immediately make the full fee payment (US$ 1350.00) instead of paying separately. This also avoids additional bank fees for the second payment.

3. Should the article be submitted along with copy of deposit slip?

Yes. Copy of deposit slip must be send along with submission files.

4. When should I pay total charge, if I choose to pay all at once?

If the corresponding author decides to arrange the payment in one transaction (US$ 1350.00), considering both fees, the payment has to be done at the moment of submission. A copy of the deposit slip (with correct and readable remitter´s name) needs to be sent at the moment of submission.

5. Who is responsible for making payment and informing about it?

The corresponding author informed in the submitted manuscript is responsible for arranging fee payment and e-mail copy of deposit slip (with correct and legible remittance name) or credit card authorization and credit card details to charge it.

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