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Amazon; Biodiversity; Cacauí; Genetic variability; ISSR

The genus Theobroma found in the Amazon region is composed of 22 species, including Theobroma speciosum, better known as cacauí. These species are constantly threatened by forest fragmentation caused by human activities and require conservation strategies and management aimed at preserving them in their natural environments. The main objective of this study was to ... more

L.D. Giustina; L.N. Luz; F.S. Vieira; F.S. Rossi; C.R.A. Soares-Lopes; T.N.S. Pereira; A.A.B. Rossi
Genetic variability; Molecular analysis of variance; Morphological traits; Traditional agriculture

Of the 600 known yam species, only 10 are utilized as food, and the Dioscorea cayenensis/D. rotundata species complex is among the most cultivated. In Brazil, these species are commercially cultivated in the northeast region and are cultivated in the south and southeast regions as subsistence crops by traditional agriculturists. This study aimed to evaluate the genetic ... more

E.A. Bressan; B. Neto; M.I. Zucchi; R.J. Rabello; E.A. Veasey
Biodiversity; Conservation planning; Genetic variability; Metaheuristics; Multi-objective optimization

Biodiversity crises have led scientists to develop strategies for achieving conservation goals. The underlying principle of these strategies lies in systematic conservation planning (SCP), in which there are at least 2 conflicting objectives, making it a good candidate for multi-objective optimization. Although SCP is typically applied at the species level (or hierarchically higher), it ... more

S. Schlottfeldt; M.E.M.T. Walter; A.C.P.L.F. Carvalho; T.N. Soares; M.P.C. Telles; R.D. Loyola; J.A.F. Diniz-Filho
Body measurement; Genetic variability; Silent information regulator 5; Single-nucleotide polymorphism; Ultrasound

Silent information regulator 5 (SIRT5), a member of the Sirtuin family class III nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide-dependent protein deacetylases, plays an important role in metabolic and aging processes in mammals. We identified 4 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) (G22010A, G22052A, G22119T, and G22245C) in the 3' untranslated regions of the SIRT5 gene from 572 Qinchuan ... more

L.S. Gui; H.C. Wang; G.Y. Liu; L.S. Zan
Exotic germplasm; Genetic variability; Inbreeding depression

Three semiexotic populations (CRE-01, CRE-02, CRE-03) obtained by incorporation of exotic germplasm (lines from CIMMYT, Colombia; selected for resistance to corn stunt complex) were evaluated in two cycles of recurrent selection with half-sib families. In cycle-I, samples comprising 50, 70, and 50 half-sib families were evaluated at Jataí (GO) and traits analyzed were ear yield, plant ... more

A.S. Oliveira; J.B.Miranda Filho; E.F. Reis
Genetic variability; Hancornia speciosa; Microsatellite markers; Species preservation

In this study, we analyzed the genetic diversity and structure of remnants of mangaba populations in states of northeastern Brazil by applying 9 microsatellite markers previously developed to establish conservation strategies for germplasm and species preservation. Six to 20 individuals per population were analyzed, with a total of 94 individuals and 6 populations from the states of Ceará ... more

J.A.E. Amorim; L.R. Mata; A.S. Lédo; V.C.R. Azevedo; A.V.C. Silva
Genetic diversity; Genetic variability; Maranhão; Marmosops pinheiroi; Marsupial; Phylogeny

The present study reviews the phylogeny of the genus Marmosops and expands the geographic range of Marmosops pinheiroi to the Brazilian State of Maranhão. Five specimens of M. pinheiroi were collected from the Inhamum Municipal Environmental Protection Area in Caxias, Maranhão. Total DNA was extracted and the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene was ... more

D.C. Nascimento; A.P.M. Olímpio; E. Conceição; B.A.T.P. Campos; E.C. Fraga; M.C. Barros
Genetic variability; Microsatellites; Molecular characterization; Musa spp

Microsatellite markers have been widely used in the quantification of genetic variability and for genetic breeding in Musa spp. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the discriminatory power of microsatellite markers derived from ‘Calcutta 4’ and ‘Ouro’ genomic libraries, and to analyze the genetic variability among 30 banana accessions. Thirty-eight markers were ... more

P.R.O. Silva; O.N.J. Jesus; S. Creste; A. Figueira; E.P. Amorim; C.F. Ferreira
Cacauí; Cupuí; Genetic variability; Theobroma speciosum; Theobroma subincanum

Several species within the genus Theobroma have particularly high economic value, including T. cacao and T. grandiflorum. Other species in this genus, such as T. speciosum and T. subincanum, have potential value for use in the conservation of genetic diversity in breeding programs. These latter species could also be domesticated or improved to ... more

B.M. Silva; A.A.B. Rossi; J.F.E. Dardengo; C.R. Silva; I.V. Silva; M.L. Silva; C.J. Silva