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Fengshui forest; Genetic diversity; Nanmu; Nature reserves; Phoebe bournei (Hemsl.) Yang

Fengshui forests (sacred groves) are important in traditional Chinese culture and home to many endangered species. These forests may provide protection for some endangered plant species outside the nature reserves, but little is known about their role in genetic conservation. Using inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers, we compared the genetic diversity of 6 populations of ... more

Y.J. Ge; Y.J. Liu; A.H. Shen; X.C. Lin
cluster analysis; Diospyros L.; Genetic diversity; Simple sequence repeat marker

Persimmon (Diospyros L.) is an economically important fruit in the world, and it has been recognized as a healthy nutrient supply for human consumption. In this study, 14 microsatellite markers were developed from an AG/TC and AC/TG-enriched genomic library of Chinese persimmon Mopanshi. Twelve polymorphic markers were selected in 4 related species; these markers showed ... more

Y. Yang; Z.B. Jing; X.F. Ruan; J.M. Cheng