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Bovine; Comparative map; FISH; Gene assignment

Seven genes were assigned by molecular cytogenetic methods to bovine chromosome 5. To accomplish this, specific primers were either publicly available or were designed from highly conserved regions of the publicly available mammalian gene sequences. The identity of the amplified segments was verified by sequencing and alignment with the published sequences. The optimized primers that amplified ... more

M. De Donato; D.S. Gallagher; C. Lehn; C. Gill; J.F. Taylor
Acridine orange test; Bovine; Conservation; DNA; Freeze-drying sperm; TUNEL

The ability to detect nuclear damage is an important tool for the development of sperm preservation methods. We used the acridine orange test (AOT) and the terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated dUDP nick-end labeling (TUNEL) assay to assess the DNA status of sperm cells preserved with different lyophilization media. The AOT did not detect any differences between different ... more

C.F. Martins; M.N. Dode; S.N. Báo; R. Rumpf
BoLA; Bovine; Candidate genes; Cattle; Molecular markers; Tick resistance

Losses caused by bovine tick burdens in tropical countries have a tremendous economic impact on production systems. Besides reducing production, this parasite can cause death in the most susceptible animals. The use of commercial acaricides has been the major method of control, but their misuse has led to tick resistance to many chemicals. More recently, vaccines have been used in ... more

M.L. Martinez; M.A. Machado; C.S. Nascimento; M.V.G.B. Silva; R.L. Teodoro; J. Furlong; M.C.A. Prata; A.L. Campos; M.F.M. Guimarães; A.L.S. Azevedo; M.F.A. Pires; R.S. Verneque
Bovine; EtBr; Fibroblast; mtDNA; OXPHOS

Bovine fetal fibroblast cells were treated with ethidium bromide at a low concentration for 15 passages in culture to determine its effect on mitochondrial DNA copy number and on cell metabolism. Mitochondrial membrane potential and lactate production were estimated in order to characterize cell metabolism. In addition, mitochondrial DNA ND5 in proportion to a nuclear gene (luteinizing hormone ... more

M.Roberto Chiaratti; F.Vieira Meirelles
Assisted reproduction technology; Bovine; Fibroblasts; Transfection; Transgenic animals

An association of two techniques, nuclear transfer (NT), and transfection of somatic animal cells, has numerous potential applications and considerable impact, mainly in agriculture, medicine, pharmacy, and fundamental biology. In addition, somatic cell nuclear transfer is the most efficient alternative to produce large transgenic animals. We compared in vitro and in vivo ... more

L.T. Iguma; L.T. Iguma; E.O. Melo; M.M. Franco; I. Pivato; G.R. Vianna; R.V. Sousa; M.A.N. Dode; F.J.L. Aragão; E.L. Rech; E.L. Rech; R. Rumpf; S.F.C. Lisauskas
Bovine; Contig; Cluster; Expressed sequence tag; Gene atlas; Transcriptional profiling

Genes whose products function in a common biological process are often co-regulated. When regulation occurs at the transcriptional level, co-expressed genes can be detected globally by expression arrays or by sequencing non-normalized cDNA libraries. We examined bovine gene expression in 27 tissues using non-normalized cDNA library sequencing. Contigs were generated from expressed ... more

O.M. Keane; N. Maqbool; A.F. McCulloch; J.C. McEwan; K.G. Dodds
allele-specific polymerase chain reaction; Bovine; maternal inheritance; Mitochondrial DNA

The Canchim (5/8 Charolais + 3/8 Zebu) beef cattle breed was developed at Southeast-Embrapa Cattle to take advantage of hybrid vigor and to combine the higher growth rate and beef quality of Charolais with tropical adaptations of Zebu. The development of three lineages (old, new, and crossbred) has increased its genetic basis. The genotypic origin (Bos taurus or Bos indicus) ... more

S.C. Méo; C.R. Ferreira; M.R. Chiaratti; F.V. Meirelles; L.C.A. Regitano; M.M. Alencar; P.F. Barbosa
Bovine; Cattle; Embryo; Sexing; Single cell; TSPY gene

The testis-specific protein Y-encoded gene (TSPY) is a Y-specific gene present in variable copy number in many mammalian species, including cattle. We tested the applicability of the TSPY gene as a Y-specific marker to predict preimplantation embryo sex in Nelore (Bos indicus) cattle. Two blastomeres were removed from each embryo. A total of 36 single ... more

M.C.A. Carneiro; P.L. Takeuchi; A. Araújo; R.B. Lôbo; F.P. Elias; R.A. Vila; C.L. Miranda-Furtado; E.S. Ramos
Bovine; cDNA library; Crossbreeds; Expressed sequence tags; Skin

Tick resistance in cattle is mainly found in zebu (Bos indicus) animals, although it is also present in some taurine (B. taurus) breeds. In order to characterize functional genes involved in tick resistance/susceptibility in cattle, two cDNA libraries were generated using skin tissues of selected Holstein x Gyr animals. A total of 2700 high-quality reads from both ... more

C.S. Nascimento; M.A. Machado; S.E.F. Guimarães; M.F. Martins; J.O. Peixoto; J. Furlong; M.C.A. Prata; R.S. Verneque; R.L. Teodoro; P.S. Lopes
Beef; Bovine; Genome; Livestock; Molecular markers; SNP

We analyzed single nucleotide polymorphisms in calpain, leptin, leptin receptor, and growth hormone receptor genes and their association with color, drip and cooking losses of longissimus muscle at 7, 14 and 21 days postmortem in 638 purebred Nellore bulls slaughtered between 22 and 26 months of age. Meat samples were vacuum-packed and aged at 4°C. The single nucleotide polymorphisms ... more

L.F.B. Pinto; J.B.S. Ferraz; V.B. Pedrosa; J.P. Eler; F.V. Meirelles; M.N. Bonin; F.M. Rezende; M.E. Carvalho; D.C. Cucco; R.C.G. Silva