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Adaptability; Factor analysis; G x E interaction; Stability; Unstructured variance

This study aimed to analyze the robustness of mixed models for the study of genotype-environment interactions (G x E). Simulated unbalancing of real data was used to determine if the method could predict missing genotypes and select stable genotypes. Data from multi-environment trials containing 55 maize hybrids, collected during the 2005-2006 harvest season, were used in this study. ... more

J.J. Nuvunga; L.A. Oliveira; A.K.A. Pamplona; C.P. Silva; R.R. Lima; M. Balestre
Carcinoma; Factor analysis; Pancreatic duct; Prognosis; Statistics; Transcription factor

The aim of this study was to explore the correlation between the expression levels of Gli1 and p53 in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) and its pathological significance. Immunohistochemistry (IHC) was employed to measure the expression level of Gli1 and p53 in 85 sets of paraffin-embedded PDAC and corresponding para-carcinoma tissue specimens. The relationship between these results ... more

Y. Abula; C. Yi; X.Y. Wang; M. Wang; R.Y. Qin; Y.Q. Guo; H. Lin; H.J. Li
Factor analysis; Featured gene; Gene expression profile; Multivariate statistics

In this study, a software tool (IFGFA) for identification of featured genes from gene expression data based on latent factor analysis was developed. Despite the availability of computational methods and statistical models appropriate for analyzing special genomic data, IFGFA provides a platform for predicting colon cancer-related genes and can be applied to other cancer types. The ... more

C.H. Fu; S. Deng; J.H. Wu; X.Q. Wu; Z.H. Fu; Z.G. Yu; C.H. Fu; S. Deng; J.H. Wu; X.Q. Wu; Z.H. Fu; Z.G. Yu
Avena sativa; Environmental quality; Human food; Pesticide

The resistance of oat cultivars to fungicide use reduction and supporting longer harvest application interval can reduce or avoid the risk of food contamination and environmental pollution. We compared oat cultivars for resistance to reduction in the number of fungicide applications and with longer intervals from application to harvest, considering favorable and ... more

E.F. Dornelles; J.A.G. Da Silva; I.R. Carvalho; O. Alessi; V. Pansera; F. Lautenchleger; E.M.F. Stumm; R. Carbonera; R.L. Bárta; J.V. Tisott
Avena sativa; Biometrics; correlation and path; food; Sustainability

Analysis of the relationship of oat grain chemical components with productivity can yield information that determines crop production strategies. The market values high protein grain, but production and other nutritional components may be affected in the effort to increase protein levels. The objective of this study was to determine how the dynamics of the ... more

R.D. Mantai; J.A.G. Da Silva; O.B. Scremin; I.R. Carvalho; D.A. Magano; J.M. Fachinetto; F. Lautenchleger; J.A. da Rosa; C.L. Peter; J.D. Berlezi; C.M. Babeski
Avena sativa; Growth regulator; IPM-Carvalho; Nitrogen; Rainfall; Sustainability

The internal points method (IPM-Carvalho), with regression analysis, can generate an efficient hybrid model for estimating oat grain productivity. We tested a combination of the internal points method and regression to estimate straw productivity. We also applied this methodology to forecast a harvest index in the elaboration of a hybrid model to estimate oat grain ... more

A. Marolli; J.A.G. Da Silva; J.A. da Rosa; L.A. Rasia; I.R. Carvalho; F. Lautenchleger; C.A.M. Bianchi; C.L. Peter; M.S. Jung; C.V. Argenta; E.M. Matter; J.V. Tisott
Avena sativa; Coverage; Dose; Seeding; Sustainability; Time

ABSTRACT. The productive performance of oats depends on proper management of nitrogen, a highly mobile element and of reduced efficiency in unfavorable cultivation conditions, generating productivity reduction with environmental pollution. This study aimed to find the most efficient and sustainable management of nitrogen in oats based on the ... more

D.C. Reginatto; J.A.G. Da Silva; I.R. Carvalho; D.A. Magano; O.A. Lucchese; N.C.F. Basso; J. Sgarbossa; V. Pansera; M.S. Jung; C.M. Babeski; L.B. Heusner; N.G. Zardin
Air temperature; Avena sativa; Drechslera avenae; Multiple regression; Necrotic leaf area; Puccinia coronata; Rainfall

The aggressiveness of fungal diseases in oats compromises grain yield. Although fungicides are effective for control, there is a need for productivity with food and environmental safety. Thus, we seek cultivars responsive to more sustainable management. The objective of this study was to identify oat cultivars that are more responsive to reduced fungicide use and a ... more

A.H. Screminn; J.A.G. Da Silva; N.C.F. Basso; I.R. Carvalho; D.A. Magano; deF. Colet; J.A. da Rosa; C.L. Peter; M.S. Jung; M.G.L. Meotti; W.J.A. Bandeira; L.L. Schünemann