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Brazilian rice cultivars; differential gene expression; Functional annotation; Water deficit

Gene expression related to drought response in the leaf tissues of two Brazilian upland cultivars, the drought-tolerant Douradão and the drought-sensitive Primavera, was analyzed. RNA-seq identified 27,618 transcripts in the Douradão cultivar, with 24,090 (87.2%) homologous to the rice database, and 27,221 transcripts in the Primavera cultivar, with 23,663 (86.9%) homologous to the rice ... more

R.D.D. Silveira; F.R.M. Abreu; S. Mamidi; P.E. McClean; R.P. Vianello; A.C. Lanna; N.P. Carneiro; C. Brondani
Coffee; Diversity; Mineral nutrition; Water deficit

We examined the effect of water availability on the nutritional balance of 15 genotypes of the clonal cultivar “Conilon BRS Ouro Preto” of Coffea canephora grown in two contrasting environments in terms of water availability. Biomass production and nutritional balance parameters, based on the deviance from the standard ratio among nutrients for the species ... more

L.C.T. Starling; L.D. Martins; W.N. Rodrigues; T.M. Reinicke; J.F.Tdo Amaral; M.A. Tomaz; M.C. Espindula
common bean; Germplasm characterization; root system; Water deficit

The morpho-agronomic characterization of gene banks is a key step in enabling breeding programs to efficiently exploit genetic resources. Several studies have evaluated the root system traits of the common bean to develop genotypes better adapted to drought. We examined the root systems of 1000 common bean accessions, from the Agronomic Institute of Campinas gene ... more

A. .Teixeira; D.A. da Silva; J.G.R. Gonçalves; J.A.F. Esteves; S.A.M. Carbonell; A.F. Chiorato
Correlation; Grain yield; Phaseolus vulgaris; Water deficit

ABSTRACT.  Common bean yield is directly related to climate conditions, and water deficit is one of the main limiting factors. One way of getting around this problem is increasing the frequency of alleles favorable to drought tolerance by the recurrent selection method. We estimated the morphophysiological and agronomic gains achieved in two ... more

T. Ribeiro; D.A. Silva; S.R.S. Rovaris; J.G.R. Gonçalves; S.A.M. Carbonell; A.F. Chiorato
Function; Gene; Metabolism; Phylogeny; Synechococcus

Synechococcus sp PCC 7336 represents a newly sequenced strain, and its genome is obviously different from that of other Synechococcus strains. In this analysis, local alignment and annotation databases were constructed and combined with various bioinformatic tools to carry out gene annotation and functional analysis of this strain. From this analysis, we identified 5096 ... more

Y. Li; N.N. Rao; Y. Yang; Y. Zhang; Y.N. Gu
Immune response; Liver; Metabolism; Newt; Proteome

The Chinese fire-bellied newt, Cynops orientalis, belonging to Amphibia, Caudata, Salamandridae is a species endemic to China. The liver, which is an important digestive gland and the largest amphibian organ, has various functions, including detoxification, glycogen storage, protein synthesis, and hormone production. However, the newt liver has rarely been studied at the ... more

X.Y. Zang; J.L. Guo; X.F. Geng; P.F. Li; J.Y. Sun; Q.W. Wang; C.S. Xu; X.Y. Zang; J.L. Guo; X.F. Geng; P.F. Li; J.Y. Sun; Q.W. Wang; C.S. Xu
Antioxidative enzymes; Gas exchange; Gene expression; GUSP1; MYB60

Cotton has high adaptability to adverse conditions; however, one of the main factors causing production loss is water deficits. To adapt to these conditions, plants go through a series of changes, many of them driven by genes that are expressed to increase drought tolerance. We examined the expression profile of the MYB60 and GUSP1 genes, which ... more

V.G.L. Batista; P.D. Fernandes; R.Cdos Santos; P.A.Melo Filho; L.M. de Lima
Antioxidative enzymes; Arachis hypogaea; Drought tolerance; Gas exchange; Proline

Water stress triggers various cellular responses in plants, altering normal metabolic flow. Pyruvate, an important component of the glycolysis pathway, is directly involved in cell processes, triggering genes that influence drought tolerance. Research with Arabidopsis has shown that synthetic pyruvate relieves drought damage. We evaluated the effects of ... more

D.D. Barbosa; P.D. Fernandes; A.D.A.L. Marcelino; F.A. Silva; M.S. Dias; C.R.C. Silva; R.C. Santos