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Bovine; FSHB; mRNA transcripts; RACE

Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) plays an essential role in mammalian spermatogenesis and follicular development. In a previous study, we demonstrated that some bulls carry numerous linked mutations in the FSH beta-subunit (FSHB) gene, and that these bulls have poor-quality semen, low fertility, and slightly lower serum FSH concentration compared to those without such mutations ... more

L.S. Dai; Y.M. Zhao; G.L. Zhang; R.F. Zhao; H. Jiang; T.H. Ma; Y. Gao; B. Yuan; Y.L. Xu; W.Y. Yu; Z.H. Zhao; J.B. Zhang
Bovine; Candidate genes; Fat deposition; SNP identification

Canchim is a composite cattle breed developed in Brazil for beef production. One of the breeding objectives is to increase fat deposition. QTLs for fat thickness and/or marbling have been reported on BTA4 and BTA14. The IGFBP3 and DDEF1 genes, mapped to BTA4 and BTA14, respectively, affect adipogenesis. We looked for SNPs in the IGFBP3 and DDEF1 genes that could be associated with backfat ... more

G.B. Veneroni; S.L. Meirelles; D.A. Grossi; G. Gasparin; A.M.G. Ibelli; P.C. Tizioto; H.N. Oliveira; M.M. Alencar; L.C.A. Regitano
Bovine; Calcium; Gene expression; Kidney

In order to better understand vitamin D3 in cattle metabolism, we quantified 1alpha-HYD and 24-HYD gene expression. In the kidneys of 35 male Nellore cattle, these were divided into a control group and two treatment groups (2 x 106 international units of vitamin D3 administered for 2 or 8 consecutive days pre-slaughter). Vitamin D3 ... more

L.R. Rezende; E.F. Delgado; A.R.L. Júnior; G. Gasparin; E.C. Jorge; G.B. Mourão; L.L. Coutinho
Adaptive immunity; Bovine; Flow cytometry; Innate immunity; Leukocyte

Differences in cellular and humoral immunity in Zebu (Bos taurus indicus) and European (B. taurus taurus) cattle breeds, which may be related to differences in resistance or susceptibility to infectious or parasitic diseases, are largely unknown. This study aimed to perform a comparative analysis of innate and adaptive immunity of European (including Holstein, Brown ... more

A.A. Macêdo; A.P.V. Marciano; L.M. Rocha; J.R.F. Alves-Júnior; A.M.C. Faria; J.F.F. Bittar; M.S.S. Araújo; R.L. Santos; O.A. Martins-Filho
Bovine; Culture; Identification; Isolation; Primary hepatocyte

The liver is a unique organ that is endowed with a plethora of specialized functions. Most of its functional traits are controlled by hepatocytes. Primary hepatocytes have been used widely in in vitro models to understand the biological processes occurring in the liver. There are a number of methods used to separate hepatocytes, but the cell activity and purity are much lower in ... more

Q.D. Jiang; H.P. Li; F.J. Liu; X.J. Wang; Y.J. Guo; L.F. Wang; W.F. Lu; H.J. Li; X.P. Li; G.Y. Yang
Bovine; Primary hepatic cells; Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction; Stearoyl-coenzyme A desaturase mRNA

This study aimed to compare the effects of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) on stearoyl-coenzyme A desaturase (SCD) gene expression in mouse primary hepatic cells. To obtain sufficient total RNA, primary hepatic cells were plated on 6-cm diameter-type collagen 1-coated dishes (1 x 106 cells per dish). The test was divided into 6 groups with 6 replications per group. The 6 groups were ... more

Q.D. Jiang; H.P. Li; F.J. Liu; X.J. Wang; Y.J. Guo; L.F. Wang; W.F. Lu; H.J. Li; X.P. Li; Y.Y. Wang
Bovine; Comparative analysis; DNA sequences; Genes; Orthologous

Genomic sequence comparison across species has enabled the elucidation of important coding and regulatory sequences encoded within DNA. Of particular interest are the noncoding regulatory sequences, which influence gene transcriptional and posttranscriptional processes. A phylogenetic footprinting strategy was employed to identify noncoding conservation patterns of 39 human and ... more

M.Nunes Miziara; P.K. Riggs; E.J. Amaral
Bovine; cSNP; Milk fat yield; Transferrin

The bovine transferrin gene (TF) is located at 125 cM on bovine chromosome 1 (BTA1); it codes for transferrin, a glycoprotein that is highly conserved in many species and that is responsible for iron transport. The TF gene has been located in several QTL regions, and some transferrin classes have been associated with fat and milk yields. We analyzed by means of allele- ... more

A. Sanz; L. Ordovás; C. Serrano; P. Zaragoza; J. Altarriba; C. Rodellar
Bovine; MBL2; SNPs; Somatic cell score

The mannan-binding lectin gene (MBL) participates as an opsonin in the innate immune system of mammals, and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in MBL cause various immune dysfunctions. In this study, we detected SNPs in MBL2 at exon 1 using polymerase chain reaction single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis and DNA sequencing techniques in 825 Chinese ... more

Z.L. Zhao; C.F. Wang; Q.L. Li; Z.H. Ju; J.M. Huang; J.B. Li; J.F. Zhong; J.B. Zhang
Bovine; Leydig cells; LHR; Splicing variants

The luteinizing hormone receptor (LHR) plays a key role in testosterone production through its interaction with the gonadotropins, LH and chorionic gonadotropin. We examined the LHR splicing pattern in bovine Leydig cells; LH-induced expression of eight cloned splicing variants was detected by real-time PCR. Luteinizing hormone applied to cultured Leydig cells resulted in ... more

T.H. Ma; Q.H. Xiong; B. Yuan; H. Jiang; Y. Gao; J.B. Xu; S.Y. Liu; Y. Ding; G.L. Zhang; Y.M. Zhao; J.B. Zhang