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Genome; Simple sequence repeat; Siniperca kneri Garman; Transcriptome

In this study, 37 transcriptome-derived simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers and 18 genomic SSR markers were developed and characterized in the Chinese perch, Siniperca kneri Garman. The average allele number per locus was 5.1 (range: 2-8) for transcriptome-derived SSRs and 3.8 (range: 2-5) for genomic SSRs. The average observed and expected heterozygosities were 0.666 (range: 0. ... more

M. Yang; H.Z. Zheng; X.F. Liang; C.X. Tian; Y.Q. Dou; K.C. Zhu; Y.C. Yuan
Growth inhibition; Low-energy ion-beam implantation; Photosynthesis; RNA-seq; Transcriptome

Transcriptomic research based on RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) technology is innovative and will provide new opportunities and biological perspectives for the use of ion-beam implantation in plants. Using RNA-seq, transcriptomes of whole rice seedlings generated from seeds implanted with a low-energy N+ beam were analyzed 96 h after planting. We identified 544 transcripts that were ... more

Q.F. Chen; H.Y. Ya; W.D. Wang; Z. Jiao
Growth-inhibition; Low-energy ion-beam implantation; NA-Seq; Transcriptome

Using the RNA sequencing, transcriptomes of growth-inhibited rice seedlings induced by low-energy N+-beam implantation were analyzed. The results showed that rice genes related to binding, electron carrier activity, transcription factor, auxin signal transduction, photosynthesis, and oxidoreductase activity were involved in the response to ion-beam implantation. Moreover, low-energy N+- ... more

H. Ya; Q. Chen; W. Wang; Y. Cheng
Differentially expressed genes; Geese; Ovary; Transcriptome

Geese are an economically important poultry species worldwide. Their superior meat production performance and meat qual­ity make them a popular food. However, they are not bred worldwide because their poor laying capacity increases farming costs. To gain a global view of the genes that are differentially expressed between pre-laying (P) and laying (L) periods and to develop a database ... more

N. Ding; Q. Han; X.Z. Zhao; Q. Li; J. Li; H.F. Zhang; G.L. Gao; Y. Luo; Y.H. Xie; J. Su; Q.G. Wang
Candidate genes; Coffee; Cytochrome P450; Expressed sequence tags (ESTs); Transcriptome

Cytochrome P450s (P450s) comprise a gene superfamily encoding enzymes that are involved in diverse plant metabolic pathways that produce primary and secondary metabolites such as phenylpropanoids, terpenoids, nitrogen-containing compounds, and plant hormones. They comprise one of the most diverse gene families in plant evolution. Although there are many studies that aim to characterize ... more

S.T. Ivamoto; D.S. Domingues; L.G.E. Vieira; L.F.P. Pereira
AMP/CoA-ligase; Detoxification; Excretion; Transcriptome

The Malpighian tubules play a key role in insect osmoregulation. Although a transcriptional analysis has been done for the Malpighian tubules in Drosophila melanogaster (Diptera), no functional genomics analysis has yet been carried out for any Coleoptera species. Recently, we constructed a cDNA library from Malpighian tubules of larval Zophobas morio, a close relative ... more

J.R. Silva; R.A. Prado; D.T. Amaral; V.R. Viviani
Genetic diversity; Genic-SSRs; Nelumbo nucifera; Transcriptome

Nelumbo nucifera is an important economic vegetable and traditional medicine, but available genetic resources remain limited. Next generation sequencing has proven to be a rapid and effective means of identifying genic simple sequence repeat (genic-SSR) markers. This study developed genic-SSRs for N. nucifera using Illumina sequencing technology to assess diversity across ... more

X.F. Zheng; Y.N. You; Y. Diao; X.W. Zheng; K.Q. Xie; M.Q. Zhou; Z.L. Hu; Y.W. Wang