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Bioinformatic analysis; Heat shock protein 70; HSP70; Immune response; Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae; Recombinant protein

Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae, a bacterial species that specifically affects ovine and goat, is the cause of ovine infectious pleuropneumonia. We cloned, sequenced and analyzed heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) (dnaK) gene of M. ovipneumoniae. The full length open reading frame of the M. ovipneumoniae HSP70 gene consists of 1812 nucleotides, with a G+C content of 34.16%, ... more

M. Li; C.J. Ma; X.M. Liu; D. Zhao; Q.C. Xu; Y.J. Wang
Bioinformatic analysis; GldJ protein; Riemerella anatipestifer CH-1

Riemerella anatipestifer (RA) CH-1, a highly virulent field strain, was isolated and identified by our laboratory. The gldJ gene was conserved in RA, and it had a typical TATA promoter region and AU-rich sequence within the 5' untranslated region. The GldJ protein was an outer-membrane lipoprotein with a signal peptide cleavage site between amino acids 20 and 21. GldJ was ... more

B. Yuan; A.C. Cheng; M.S. Wang
Acinetobacter baumannii; Bioinformatic analysis; Phage

The phages of Acinetobacter baumannii has drawn increasing attention because of the multi-drug resistance of A. baumanni. The aim of this study was to sequence Acinetobacter baumannii phage AB3 and conduct bioinformatic analysis to lay a foundation for genome remodeling and phage therapy. We isolated and sequenced A. baumannii phage AB3 and attempted to ... more

J. Zhang; X. Liu; X.J. Li
Bioinformatic analysis; Expression pattern; Fibroblast growth factor 5; Inner Mongolia Cashmere goat

Fibroblast growth factor 5 (FGF5) is a secreted signaling protein that belongs to the FGF family, and was found to be associated with hair growth in humans and other animals. The Inner Mongolia Cashmere goat (Capra hircus) is a goat breed that provides superior cashmere; this breed was formed by spontaneous mutation in China. Here, we report the cloning, molecular characterization, ... more

W.L. Bao; R.Y. Yao; Q. He; Z.X. Guo; C. Bao; Y.F. Wang; Z.G. Wang