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Germin-like protein gene; GUS expression; Oryza sativa; Promoter; Tobacco transformation; Wounding

Germin and germin-like proteins (GLPs) are water-soluble extracellular proteins that are expressed in response to specific environmental and developmental signals. Although some enzymatic activities have also been associated with germin/GLPs, their role in overall metabolism is not fully understood. However, insight into their function may be gained by analysis of their promoter. The ... more

T. Mahmood; T. Yasmin; M.I. Haque; S.M.S. Naqvi
Genetic diversity; Landrace; Oryza sativa; Population structure; Simple sequence repeat

This study analyzed 394 Korean rice landrace accessions, including 93 waxy varieties, for polymorphisms using 29 simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers. In total, 381 alleles served as raw data for estimating the genetic diversity (GD) and population structure. The number of alleles per locus ranged from 3 to 44 (average = 13.14). The expected heterozygosity and polymorphism information ... more

F.P. Li; Y.S. Lee; S.W. Kwon; G. Li; Y.J. Park
bZIP; Oryza sativa; Rice; Stress response; Transcription factor

The basic leucine zipper (bZIP) genes encode transcription factors involved in the regulation of various biological processes. Similar to WRKY, basic helix-loop-helix, and several other groups of proteins, the bZIP proteins form a superfamily of transcription factors that mediate plant stress responses. In this review, we present the roles of bZIP proteins in multiple biological ... more

Z.G. E; Y.P. Zhang; J.H. Zhou; L. Wang
Blast disease; Natural variation; Oryza sativa; Pi-d2; Resistance gene

Studying natural variation in rice resistance genes of cultivated and wild rice relatives can predict resistance stability to rice blast fungus. In the present study, the protein coding regions of the rice R gene Pi-d2 in 35 rice accessions, including Oryza sativa L. subsp. indica Kato (Aus), indica (IND), temperate japonica (TEJ), ... more

J.B. Li; Y.D. Sun; H. Liu; Y.Y. Wang; Y.L. Jia; M.H. Xu
Oryza sativa; Reproduction factor; Resistant cultivars

Despite the benefits of crop rotation, occurrence of nematodes is a common problem for almost all crops within the Cerrado biome, especially for rice. The use of resistant cultivars is one of the main methods for control of nematodes. Thus, the present study aimed to evaluate the reaction of 36 upland-rice lines, with desirable agronomic characteristics, according to their resistance to root- ... more

D.C.T. Souza; F.B.S. Botelho; C.S. Rodrigues; I.V. Furtini; E.C. Smiderle; D.L. de Matos; A.T. Bruzi