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Hematological profile; Hemoglobin polymorphism; Phrynops geoffroanus

Complete blood counts and hemoglobin isoform data were gathered from 36 specimens of the turtle species Phrynops geof froanus from the northwestern region of São Paulo State, Brazil. They were collected in an urban area. The hemoglobin profiles were obtained after red blood cell lysis and by electrophoretic migration in alkaline pH, acid pH, and neutral pH buffer. The hemoglobin ... more

C.E.S. Zago; A.L. Ferrarezi; L.D. Vizotto; C. Oliveira; S.R.P. Cabral; S.R. Taboga; G.O. Bonilla-Rodriguez; L.P.R. Venancio; C.R. Bonini-Domingos
C282Y; Diabetes mellitus type 2; H63D; Hereditary hemochromatosis; HFE; Women

Hereditary hemochromatosis is one of the most common autosomal recessive diseases; it is characterized by excess absorption of iron. Clinically, the major challenge is to diagnose increased iron deposition before irreversible tissue damage has occurred. C282Y and H63D are the main mutations related to hereditary hemochromatosis; these mutations have been reported to be associated with ... more

K.B. Gomes; M.G. Carvalho; F.F. Coelho; I.F. Rodrigues; A.L. Soares; D.A. Guimarães; A.P. Fernandes
Functional enrichment analysis; Hereditary hemochromatosis; Iron overload; Module analysis; Myelodysplastic syndrome

The aim of this study was to identify feature genes that are associated with hereditary hemochromatosis (HHC; iron overload) in cardiac and skeletal muscle of mice. First, the expression profile GSE9726 was downloaded from Gene Expression Omnibus database which included 12 samples. Then the differentially expressed genes (DEGs) were identified by R language. Furthermore, the KUPS software ... more

J. Wang; X. Zhou; J. Zhao; Z. Li; X. Li
Electrophoretic profile; Hemoglobin polymorphism; Hemoglobins; Rhinoclemmys punctularia

Studies of the hemoglobin pattern in Brazilian reptiles are important for determining ecological and phylogenetic relationships, but they are scarce. Peripheral blood samples were obtained from 7 males and 18 females of Rhinoclemmys punctularia. The hematological profile was based on the total hemoglobin and hematocrit values. The hemoglobin profile was obtained using electrophoretic ... more

C.R. Bonini-Domingos; M.B. Silva; R.M. Romero; P.J.A. Zamaro; L.S. Ondei; C.E.S. Zago; S.B. Moreira; C.G. Salgado
Anopheles oswaldoi s. l.; Brazilian Amazon; Malaria; Molecular taxonomy; mtDNA; Population genetics

Anopheles (Nyssorhynchus) oswaldoi (Peryassú, 1922) s. l., which has been incriminated as a potential human malaria vector in Western Brazilian Amazon, may constitute a cryptic species complex. However, the most recent study with isozymes indicated high similarity among samples from the States of Acre, Amazonas and Rondônia in the Brazilian Amazon. In the ... more

V.M. Scarpassa; J.E. Conn
Amazon region; Anopheles albitarsis complex; Karyotype; Malaria

Anopheles (Nyssorhynchus) albitarsis sensu lato is an important malaria vector in Brazil, especially in the Brazilian Amazon region. Chromosome preparations of fourth-instar larvae of A. albitarsis from Iranduba and Coari (AM) and Ilha Comprida (SP) were analyzed for karyotype determination and to improve cytogenetic identification of this species. ... more

M.Silva Rafael; I.Pereira do Santos-Junior; W.Pedro Tadei; M.Anice Mure Sallum; O.Paulo Forattini
Brazilian population; Complement receptor-1; Duffy blood group; Genetic polymorphisms; Malaria; Toll-like receptor

The main purpose of this research was to analyze the relation of the genetic polymorphisms frequently expressed by antigen-presenting cells, erythrocytes and malaria susceptibility/resistance with the human malaria infection cases. The sample used consisted of 23 Plasmodium vivax (Pv)- and P. falciparum (Pf)-infected patients, and 21 healthy individuals as a control group, ... more

S.C. Soares; K. Abé-Sandes; V.B.Nascimento Filho; F.M.F. Nunes; W.A. Silva
Blood donors; Brazilian Amazon region; HFE gene polymorphisms; Malaria

Malaria is an endemic parasitosis and its causitive agent, Plasmodium, has a metabolism linked to iron supply. HFE is a gene with the polymorphisms C282Y and H63D, which are associated with a progressive iron accumulation in the organism leading to a disease called hereditary hemochromatosis. The aim of the present study was to determine the allelic and genotypic ... more

F.R. Torres; W.C. Souza-Neiras; A.A.D.’Almeid Couto; V.S.C.D.’Almeid Couto; C.E. Cavasini; A.R.B. Rossit; R.L.D. Machado; C.R. Bonini-Domingos
ABO blood system; Brazilian Amazon region; Genetic polymorphism; Malaria; Plasmodium falciparum

We investigated the ABO genotypes and heterogeneity of the O alleles in Plasmodium falciparum-infected and non-infected individuals from the Brazilian Amazon region. Sample collection took place from May 2003 to August 2005, from P. falciparum malaria patients from four endemic regions of the Brazilian Amazon. The control group consisted of donors from four ... more

D.B. Carvalho; L.C. de Mattos; W.C. Souza-Neiras; C.R. Bonini-Domingos; A.B. Cósimo; L.M. Storti-Melo; G.C. Cassiano; A.A.A. Couto; A.J. Cordeiro; A.R.B. Rossit; R.L.D. Machado
Anopheles triannulatus; Malaria; Microsatellite; Species complex

Anopheles (Nyssorhynchus) triannulatus is a complex of 3 species. Thirteen polymorphic microsatellite loci were isolated and characterized in 20 to 25 individuals from Manaus (AM, Brazil). The number of alleles per locus varied from 3 to 10 (mean = 6.0). The observed heterozygosity ranged from 0.250 to 0.875 (mean = 0.680) and expected heterozygosity ranged from ... more

P.F. Cruz; J.S. Batista; K.M. Formiga; M.S. Rafael; W.P. Tadei; J.M.M. Santos