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Acidification kinetics; Lactococcus lactis; Oxidative stress; Spontaneous mutants

Previously, we isolated two strains of spontaneous oxidative (SpOx2 and SpOx3) stress mutants of Lactococcus lactis subsp cremoris. Herein, we compared these mutants to a parental wild-type strain (J60011) and a commercial starter in experimental fermented milk production. Total solid contents of milk and fermen­tation temperature both affected the acidification profile ... more

M.N. Oliveira; K.E. Almeida; M.R. Damin; T. Rochat; J.J. Gratadoux; A. Miyoshi; P. Langella; V. Azevedo
Antioxidant; Lipid metabolism genes; Oxidative stress; Thai black sticky rice

Anthocyanins, which are found in some food, including Thai black sticky rice, are reported to have health-promoting properties. Oxidative stress plays a major role in the pathogenesis of many degenerative diseases induced by free radicals, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer. We evaluated the anthocyanin-rich extract (ARE) from Thai black sticky rice for antioxidative and ... more

W. Sangkitikomol; T. Tencomnao; A. Rocejanasaroj
Mitochondrial plasmid; Moniliophthora perniciosa; Oxidative stress; Polymerases

Moniliophthora perniciosa (Stahel) Aime and Phillips-Mora is a hemibiotrophic basidiomycete (Agaricales, Tricholomataceae) that causes witches’ broom disease in cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.). This pathogen carries a stable integrated invertron-type linear plasmid in its mi­tochondrial genome that encodes viral-like DNA and RNA polymerases re­lated to fungal senescence and ... more

B.S. Andrade; C. Villela-Dias; D.S. Gomes; F. Micheli; A. Góes-Neto
Cyclophilin-D protein; Endothelial cells; Oxidative stress

We examined the influence of cyclophilin-D (CypD) protein expression level on endothelial cell oxidative damage resistance. A model of CypD protein expression or high expression in endothelial cells was established through gene silencing or cloning. The comparable groups were normal endothelial cells cultured in phosphate-buffered solution in liquid handling cells containing 500 mM H ... more

J.Z. Peng; L. Xue; J. Chen; B.S. Chen; Y.Q. Yang
3-NPA; Ovary; Oxidative stress; Proanthocyanidins

Oxidative stress, which poses a threat to reproductive health, causes many serious female reproductive diseases. In this study, we investigated whether proanthocyanidins (PC) have a protective effect against oxidative stress-induced ovarian damage. Forty female ICR mice were randomized into 4 groups: a control group, a control plus PC group, a 3-nitropropionic acid (3-NPA) group, and a 3- ... more

J.Q. Zhang; B.S. Xing; C.C. Zhu; M. Shen; F.X. Yu; H.L. Liu
Corynebacterium glutamicum; Oxidative stress; Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase; Superoxide dismutase

Promoters of genes encoding superoxide dismutase (sodA) and peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase (msrA) from Cory­nebacterium glutamicum were cloned and sequenced. Promoter region analysis of sodA-msrA was unable to identify putative sites of fixed eventual regulators except for possible sites of fixed OxyR and integra­tion host factor. A study of the ... more

H.M.El Shafey; S. Ghanem
Germin; In situ hybridization; RT-PCR; Salt stress; Wheat development

The response of plants to biotic and abiotic stress factors involves biochemical, physiological, morphological, and developmental changes. Salt stress has been the subject of extensive studies due to the low salt tolerance of many crop plants. Germin and germin-like gene products are known to be involved in various aspects of plant development, such as defense, embryonic development and ... more

M. Caliskan
Gene clone; P5CS; Reed canary grass; Salt stress

Reed canary grass (RCG) is a perennial grass traditionally cultivated for forage. It is also used as fuel to produce energy in Finland and Sweden, and other countries have expressed interest in the cultivation of RCG. In China, arable land is limited. Salinity is considered to be a major factor limiting plant crop development and productivity. To boost biofuel production of RCG and ... more

L.L. Cong; X.Q. Zhang; F.Y. Yang; S.J. Liu; Y.W. Zhang
DNA methylation; DNA methyltransferases; Osmotic stress; Rice; Salt stress

Cytosine DNA methylation is a conserved epigenetic regulatory mechanism in both plants and animals. DNA methyltransferases (DNA MTases) not only initiate (de novo) but also maintain the process of DNA methylation. Here, we characterized the genome-wide expression profiles of 10 cytosine DNA MTase genes belonging to 4 subfamilies, MET1, CMT, DNMT2, and ... more

F. Ahmad; X. Huang; H.X. Lan; T. Huma; Y.M. Bao; J. Huang; H.S. Zhang