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Bacillus pumilus; Extracellular protease; Real-time PCR; Salt stress; Transcription

Bacillus pumilus is able to secrete subtilisin-like prote­ases, one of which has been purified and characterized biochemically, demonstrating great potential for use in industrial applications. In the current study, the biosynthesis and transcription of extracellular pro­teases in B. pumilus (BA06) under salt stress were investigated using various methods, including a ... more

R.F. Liu; C.L. Huang; H. Feng
Allene oxide cyclase gene; Gene cloning; Overexpression; peanut; Salt stress

In this study, the full-length cDNA encoding allene oxide cyclase (AhAOC) was isolated from peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.). The deduced amino acid sequence of AhAOC showed high homology with other plant AOCs. The transcript of AhAOC was found to be abundantly expressed in roots. Expression analysis demonstrated that AhAOC was induced by abscisic ... more

H.H. Liu; Y.G. Wang; S.P. Wang; H.J. Li
Genetic diversity; Jatropha curcas; Selective accuracy; Ward-MLM

The use of efficient breeding methods depends on knowledge of genetic control of traits to be improved. We estimated genetic parameters, selection gain, and genetic diversity in physic nut half-sib families, in order to provide information for breeding programs of this important biofuel species. The progeny test included 20 half-sib families in 4 blocks and 10 plants per plot. The mean ... more

B.P. Brasileiro; S.A. Silva; D.R. Souza; P.A. Santos; R.S. Oliveira; D.H. Lyra

We examined the protective effects of ultrafiltered XinMaiJia (XMJ) extract in a hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-induced injury model in human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) and determined the corresponding changes in the Na+-H+ exchanger (NHE1) protein content and NHE1 gene expression. H2O2-induced HUVECs were ... more

Y.L. Yin; P. Li; J. Yang; D.W. Liu; R.L. Sun; G.P. Pan; G.M. Wan; G.R. Wan