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Amylose content; RBE3 gene; Rice; RNA interference

Amylose and amylopectin are the 2 major components of plant storage starch. The rice starch branching enzyme (RBE) plays an important role in the starch components of rice. In the present study, we selected a specific 195-bp segment from the RBE3 gene to construct hairpin DNA, which was driven by an endosperm-specific high molecular weight glutenin promoter to regulate the ... more

H.Y. Jiang; J. Zhang; J.M. Wang; M. Xia; S.W. Zhu; B.J. Cheng
DNA methylation; Osmotic stress; Proline; Rice

Proline accumulation is involved in plant osmotic stress tolerance. Given that DNA methylation is related to almost all metabolic processes through regulation of gene expression, we suspected that this epigenetic modification and proline biosynthesis are probably related. To test this, we investigated whether osmotic stress-induced proline accumulation is associated with DNA methylation ... more

C.Y. Zhang; N.N. Wang; Y.H. Zhang; Q.Z. Feng; C.W. Yang; B. Liu
marker-assisted selection; Next-generation sequencing; quantitative trait locus; Rice; Whole-genome resequencing

After complete sequencing of its genome and annotation of the majority of its ~32,000 genes, rice genome has become the model genome among the cereal genomes, and the focus has shifted from structural to functional genomics and application of genomic-derived information in rice breeding. During the past 2 decades, intensive worldwide efforts have led to significant improvements in rice. ... more

G. Li; S.W. Kwon; Y.J. Park
Advanced backcross; Disease resistance; Oryza rufipogon; Quantitative trait loci; Rice

Advanced backcross families derived from Oryza sativa cv MR219/O. rufipogon IRGC105491 were utilized for identification of quantitative trait loci (QTL) for blast resistance using simple sequence repeat markers. Two hundred and sixty-one BC2F3 families were used to construct a linkage map, using 87 markers, which covered 2375.2 cM of 12 rice ... more

H.A. Rahim; M.A.R. Bhuiyan; L.S. Lim; K.K. Sabu; A. Saad; M. Azhar; R. Wickneswari
Percentage of grain with chalkiness; Quantitative trait loci; Recombinant inbred line population; Rice

Appearance quality of rice grains is a major problem for rice production in many areas of the world. We conducted a molecular marker-based genetic analysis of percentage of grains with chalkiness (PGWC), which is a determining factor for appearance quality; it strongly affects milling, eating and cooking quality. An F8 recombinant inbred line population, which consists of 261 ... more

X. Liu; Y. Wang; S.W. Wang
BLAST; Blast resistance; QTL mapping; Recombinant inbred lines; Rice

Bodao, a japonica landrace from the Taihu Lake region of China, is highly resistant to most Chinese isolates of Magnaporthe oryzea, a form of rice blast. To effectively dissect the influence of genetics on this blast resistance, a population of 155 recombinant inbred lines (F2:8) derived from a cross of Bodao x Suyunuo was inoculated with 12 blast isolates. ... more

J. Huan; Y.M. Bao; Y.Y. Wu; G.Y. Zeng; W.W. He; L.L. Dang; J.F. Wang; H.S. Zhang
DNA methylation; DNA methyltransferases; Osmotic stress; Rice; Salt stress

Cytosine DNA methylation is a conserved epigenetic regulatory mechanism in both plants and animals. DNA methyltransferases (DNA MTases) not only initiate (de novo) but also maintain the process of DNA methylation. Here, we characterized the genome-wide expression profiles of 10 cytosine DNA MTase genes belonging to 4 subfamilies, MET1, CMT, DNMT2, and ... more

F. Ahmad; X. Huang; H.X. Lan; T. Huma; Y.M. Bao; J. Huang; H.S. Zhang
bZIP; Oryza sativa; Rice; Stress response; Transcription factor

The basic leucine zipper (bZIP) genes encode transcription factors involved in the regulation of various biological processes. Similar to WRKY, basic helix-loop-helix, and several other groups of proteins, the bZIP proteins form a superfamily of transcription factors that mediate plant stress responses. In this review, we present the roles of bZIP proteins in multiple biological ... more

Z.G. E; Y.P. Zhang; J.H. Zhou; L. Wang
Ion beam; Proteinase; Rice; Transformation

Corn DNA was introduced into dry seeds of rice (cv. ‘YuJing-6’) by ion beam irradiation. Proteinase activities in rice seedling roots were subsequently analyzed by renaturation electrophoresis at pH 4.5, 7.0, and 8.5. Proteinase activity was more pronounced on gels at higher pH. Irradiation of rice seedling roots caused the loss of some proteinase bands at all pH conditions although a ... more

W.C. Li; S.D. Ji; X.C. Wang; Z.K. Li; H.C. Zhang; C.Z. Tian; Y.L. Liu; C.X. Duan
Doubled haploid population; Flag leaf; Quantitative trait loci; Rice

Two rice doubled haploid (DH) populations derived from the crosses of ZYQ8/JX17 and CJ06/TN1 were used to detect quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for flag leaf length (FLL), width (FLW), and angle (FLA) under long-day conditions in Hangzhou (subtropical zone) and short-day conditions in Hainan (tropical zone), China. The four parents differed significantly in all 3 traits. FLL was found to ... more

J. Cai; M. Zhang; L.B. Guo; X.M. Li; J.S. Bao; L.Y. Ma