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Chinese; Congenital nephrotic syndrome; Nephrin; NPHS1

Since the identification of the NPHS1 gene, which encodes nephrin, various investigators have demonstrated that the NPHS1 mutation is a frequent cause of congenital nephrotic syndrome (CNS); it is found in 98% of Finnish children with this syndrome and in 39-80% of non-Finnish cases. In China, compound heterozygous mutations in the NPHS1 gene have been ... more

Z.H. Yu; D.J. Wang; D.C. Meng; J. Huang; X.J. Nie
Apelin; Chinese; Hpertension; Losartan; Polymorphism

We determined whether the blood pressure response to losartan in an older Chinese population with essential hypertension was associated with apelin gene polymorphisms. We genotyped the -1860T>C polymorphism of the apelin gene in a case-control study of 222 patients with hypertension and 250 controls. Following 24 weeks of treatment with losartan (50 mg/day), reductions in systolic ... more

J. Jia; C. Men; K.T. Tang; Y.Y. Zhan
Chinese; Metabolic syndrome; Obesity; Polymorphism; Type 2 diabetes

Metabolic syndrome (MetS) includes obesity, dyslipidemia, elevated blood pressure, and dysglycemia. Subjects with type 2 diabetes (T2D) exhibit features of MetS. The etiology of MetS is complex, involving both environmental and genetic factors. In this study, we examined the role of specific candidate genetic variants on the severity of MetS in T2D subjects. A total of 240 T2D subjects ... more

Y.L. Chen; D. Pei; Y.J. Hung; C.H. Lee; F.C. Hsiao; C.Z. Wu; J.D. Lin; C.H. Hsu; J.B. Chang; C.H. Hsieh
Acute pancreatitis; Chinese; Interleukin-1β; Interleukin-6

We investigated the association between 3 main proinflammatory cytokines [interleukin (IL)-1β and IL-6] and the risk of acute pancreatitis. Polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism was used to genotype IL-1β+3954 C/T (rs1143634) and IL-1β-511 C/T (rs16944) and IL-6 -174 G/C (rs1800795) and IL-6 -634 C/G ( ... more

D.Z. Chi; J. Chen; D.P. Huang
Chinese family; Congenital nephrotic syndrome of Finnish type; Mutation analysis; NPHS1; Prenatal genetic diagnosis

Congenital nephrotic syndrome of the Finnish type (CNF) is a lethal, autosomal recessive disorder mainly caused by mutations in the NPHS1 gene; it is found at a relatively high frequency in Finns. We investigated the disease-causing mutations in a Chinese family with CNF and developed a prenatal genetic diagnosis for their latest pregnancy. Mutation analysis was made of all exons ... more

L.Q. Wu; J.J. Hu; J.J. Xue; D.S. Liang
Chinese; Malay; Malaysia; TaqMan genotyping assay; β-thalassemia mutations

Beta-thalassemia is a life-threatening inherited blood disorder. Rapid characterization of β-globin gene mutations is necessary because of the high frequency of Malaysian β-thalassemia carriers. A combination real-time polymerase chain reaction genotyping assay using TaqMan probes was developed to confirm β-globin gene mutations. In this study, primers and probes were designed to ... more

S.L. Kho; K.H. Chua; E. George; J.A.M.A. Tan