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Essential hypertension; Haplotype; Mongolian population; PPARγ gene

The association of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in PPARγ with hypertension is controversial. The aim of the present study was to clarify the contributions of PPARγ genetic variants to hypertension through an association study. A total of 414 unrelated Mongolian herdsmen and 524 Han farmers were included in this study. Fourteen intronic SNPs were analyzed and genotyped using a ... more

L. Yang; R.G. Tian; P.Y. Chang; M.R. Yan; X.L. Su
Association; Essential hypertension; Polymerase chain reaction; Restriction fragment length polymorphism; TNF-α; G308A

This study aims to investigate the effects of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α) G308A gene polymorphism on essential hypertension (EHT) with or without type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). The project was conducted on buccal epithelial and blood cells for case and control patients, respectively. Epithelial cells were obtained from the inner part of the cheeks. ... more

N. Ghodsian; M. Akhlaghi; V. Ramachandran; F. Heidari; P. Haghvirdizadeh; S.A. Eshkoor; A. Etemad; J.A. Jamaluddin; P. Ismail
Essential hypertension; Mongolian population; RGS5; Single nucleotide polymorphism

Genetic variants of the RGS5 gene are believed to be risk factors for hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. In this study, we investigated the association between RGS5 gene variants and hypertension in the Mongolian and Han populations. Peripheral blood was obtained from 429 unrelated Mongolian herdsmen and 416 Han farmers [including essential hypertension (EH) ... more

P.Y. Chang; L. Qin; P. Zhao; Z.Y. Liu
Albuminuria; Essential hypertension; Lectin-like oxidized low-density lipoprotein receptor 1; Polymorphisms

Albuminuria is an independent predictor of renal and cardiovascular complications in hypertensive subjects. We previously showed that lectin-like oxidized low-density lipoprotein receptor 1 (OLR-1) polymorphisms at G501C are associated with susceptibility to essential hypertension and serum C-reactive protein levels. We have now investigated a possible association between OLR-1 polymorphisms ... more

X.W. Hou; Z.H. Hu; Y. Cui; W. Gao; S.P. Sun; N.F. Wang
A-20C; Angiotensinogen gene; Essential hypertension; Meta-analysis; Polymorphism

The A-20C polymorphism in the angiotensinogen (AGT) gene has been associated with increased risk of essential hypertension in several studies; however, these studies gave inconsistent results. In this study, we performed a meta-analysis to assess the association between AGT A-20C polymorphism and essential hypertension. Published literature was retrieved from PubMed. ... more

R. Zeng; Q.P. Wang; M.X. Fang; J. Zhuang; R.X. Fan
AMPD1; C34T; Essential hypertension; Malaysia; Polymorphism

The aim of this study was to determine whether C34T, a common polymorphism of the adenosine monophosphate deaminase 1 gene (AMPD1), is associated with essential hypertension (EH). We hypothesize that C34T is associated with the development of EH. A case-control design was used for this study. The DNA was extracted using a commercial kit from the whole blood of 200 patients with ... more

R. Nemati; J. Lu; V. Ramachandran; A. Etemad; M. Heidari; M.J. Yahya; R. Roozafzoon; P. Ismail; R. Nemati; J. Lu; V. Ramachandran; A. Etemad; M. Heidari; M.J. Yahya; R. Roozafzoon; P. Ismail
Chicken; Genome-wide association study; Haplotype; Meat quality traits

Meat quality traits are very important in the poultry industry. To identify single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and candidate genes affecting meat quality traits, a genome-wide association study was performed using the Illumina chicken 60K SNP beadchip in Jinghai yellow chicken. Four meat quality traits were measured. Two SNPs reached 5% Bonferroni genome-wide significance (P < 1. ... more

T. Zhang; Q.C. Fan; J.Y. Wang; G.X. Zhang; Y.P. Gu; Y. Tang
Haplotype; Hypertension; Mongolian; SLC12A3; TagSNP

Mounting evidence has implicated the SLC12A3 gene in essential hypertension. Here, we examined the potential associations of common variants of the SLC12A3 gene with blood pressure traits in Mongolians in China. Genomic DNA was extracted from 508 unrelated Mongolian patients with essential hypertension and 246 normotensive Mongolian subjects for genotyping. The genotype ... more

J.Q. Liang; Y.G. Xi; C.Y. An; X.L. Su
Dysmicoccus brevipes (Cockerell); Haplotype; Introduction and cultivation; Pineapple; Pink pineapple mealybug

The pink pineapple mealybug (PPM), Dysmicoccus brevipes (Cockerell) (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae), is a widespread plant-sucking insect of considerable concern because it transmits the pineapple mealybug wilt-associated virus. Its distribution is closely linked with its host, the pineapple [Ananas comosus (L.) Merrill] because of its wingless and parthenogenetic ... more

Y.B. He; R.L. Zhan; G.M. Sun; J.B. Wu; Y.L. Zhao
Body size; Haplotype; IGFBP-6; Mini-pig; SNPs

Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-6 (IGFBP-6) is a member of the IGFBP family, which is known to be a key factor in regulating the effect of insulin-like growth factor-2 (IGF-2) on the animal growth and development. Gene sequences of 3'-untranslated regions (UTR) and exon 4 of IGFBP-6 may influence the expression and proteolysis of IGFBP-6. In this study, 551 bp of the ... more

X.B. Fang; S.C. Liu; Q.Y. Wu; S.M. Li; Y.Y. Cheng; H.Y. Fu; C. Lu; D. Su; H. Yu; L.L. Hao