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Han ethic group; Li ethic group; Platelet 5-HT; Post-traumatic stress disorder

We investigated the role of serotonin (5-HT) in the pathogenesis of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by determining the platelet 5-HT concentrations in Li and Han patients with PTSD in Hainan Province, China. Li and Han control groups of the same sample size have no statistical differences in gender and age distribution compared to those in the PTSD groups who were also examined. The ... more

L. Li; M.X. Li; L.H. Pan; G.M. Wang; M. Guo; L.Q. Fu; J.C. Guo; Y.S. Gao; F. Chen; M.X. Xie; L. Li; M.X. Li; L.H. Pan; G.M. Wang; M. Guo; L.Q. Fu; J.C. Guo; Y.S. Gao; F. Chen; M.X. Xie
Epigenetics; High-resolution melting; Imprinted genes; Methylation; Polymerase chain reaction

High-resolution melting (HRM) is considered an inexpensive, rapid, and attractive methodology for methylation analysis. In the application of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to methylation analysis, amplification efficiencies are biased towards unmethylated, rather than methylated, templates: a phenomenon known as PCR bias. To overcome PCR bias, primers that include CpG site(s) and ... more

F.V.M. Rubatino; N.V. Carobin; M.L. Freitas; V.T. de Oliveira; R.X. Pietra; P.P.R. Oliveira; A.A. Bosco; F.S. Jehee
Epigenetics; Methylation; Methylation-sensitive amplified polymorphism; Nia1; Phenotype; Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum)

This study aimed to investigate cytosine methylation profiles in different tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) cultivars grown in China. Methylation-sensitive amplified polymorphism was used to analyze genome-wide global methylation profiles in four tobacco cultivars (Yunyan 85, NC89, K326, and Yunyan 87). Amplicons with methylated C motifs were cloned by reamplified polymerase chain ... more

J. Jiao; J. Wu; Z. Lv; C. Sun; L. Gao; X. Yan; L. Cui; Z. Tang; B. Yan; Y. Jia
Biomarkers; Colorectal cancer; DKK2 gene; DNA methylation; Epigenetics
Purpose: Epigenetic changes can be detected in precancerous lesions, suggesting that may be involved in the early stages of carcinogenesis. The methylation of specifics genes has been correlated with the outcome of many different types of cancers. This study compared the levels of DNA methylation between normal and tumor tissues from patients with colorectal ... more
T.D. Silva; A.V. Felipe; V.M. Vidigal; S.S. Saad; N.M. Forones
Behavior; Biogeography; Chelonoidis; Cytochrome b; Hemoglobin; morphology

The discriminative potentials of biogeography, vocalization, morphology, cytogenetics, hemoglobin, and molecular profiling of cytochrome b as taxonomic techniques for differentiating Brazilian tortoises were evaluated in this study. In Brazil, two species of tortoises are described, Chelonoidis carbonarius and Chelonoidis denticulatus. However, in the present ... more

T.L. Silva; L.P.R. Venancio; C.R. Bonini-Domingos
Behavior; Dopamine; Genetic polymorphism; Temperament

The aim of this study was to analyze the allelic frequency distribution and segregation among breeds and/or between different cattle genetic groups of four novel single nucleotide polymorphisms of the bovine DRD1 and DRD5 genes and one reported SNP from the DRD4 gene. One hundred and nine-animals from ten different cattle breeds were genotyped and allelic frequencies for each locus were ... more

A.M. Sifuentes-Rincón; A.G. Trejo-Tapia; R.D. Randel; P. Ambriz-Morales; G.M. Parra-Bracamonte; A.M. Sifuentes-Rincón; A.G. Trejo-Tapia; R.D. Randel; P. Ambriz-Morales; G.M. Parra-Bracamonte